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Pritt Create Play Projects

Download some great projects!

Pritt Create Play Projects

We’ve put together some great craft projects for you and your children to keep busy! We’ve got some Colour & Collage templates as well as some awesome Make & Play crafts. Print them out, colour and craft them and play all day! Be sure to download the fantastic interactive Activity & Daily Routine Chart to keep the little ones busy at the right times!

Make & Play Fantasy | Pritt Create Play Projects

Make & Play Fantasy

Let your imagination free … create some great fantasy cut, make and play crafts! Find some empty boxes and set sail for lands far, far away! Save a princess or fight a dragon! Build one or build them all … let the adventures begin!


Activity & Routine Charts

Activity & Routine Charts | Pritt Create Play Projects

Download these very handy, customisable charts to help get your children into a daily routine and to keep busy! Have fun colouring and decorating the charts.

Colour & Collage

Colour & Collage | Pritt Create Play Projects

Mr Pritt has found himself on several adventures but has unfortunately lost all his colour and sparkle!
Can you help him get his Prittacular Colour-awesomeness back? Download these templates to print out for fun filled creativity!


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